iPhone jeans

What it is, is a awesome pair of jeans that solves a problem most people will probably recognize. Today, phones have become more important than ever, and what is it you do with important things? You keep them as close as you can. Basically this jeans helps with that. Not only is your beloved iPhone always close to you, you don't even have to take it out of you pocket!
Why this is cool is because like I said, it fits the time very well. This jeans gives some comfort and looks good at the same time. People are always looking for things that make their lives more easy and this things helps for sure. Also it gives the sense of security by making it easy to check if your phone is still in your pocket (and well). All these things just make live a little better!


Sector Human Movement

Tijdens de sector Human movement staat opdrachtgever Biofit centraal. Biofit is een modern bedrijf dat zich bezighoudt met moderne gezondheidsbevordering. (In vorm van een app en Facebook/Twitter toepassing.) Tijdens deze sector heeft Parents meet ILS eveneens plaatsgevonden, een evenement voor ouders om de opleiding te leren kennen. Dit was een erg leuk project en heeft geleid tot een bevredigende uitkomst. De positieve reacties van ouders, docenten en studenten waren alle stress zeker waard. Voor Biofit is het de bedoeling dat er een conceptversterking wordt afgeleverd. Hiertoe zijn we weer aan de slag gegaan met creatieve technieken. Vier concepten die hieruit kwamen werden uitgewerkt en tenslotte werd er een gekozen om aan de opdrachtgever te presenteren.

Sector Food

Tijdens de periode stond de ontwikkeling van de voedingssector centraal. Ook was er aandacht voor koks en nieuwe manieren waarop voedsel bekeken wordt (een voorbeeld hiervan is het ontstaan van hardcore voedsel en foodies). Voor opdrachtgever Etenstijd hebben we een trendrapport gemaakt. Doordat we al vaker een trendrapport gemaakt hadden was dit niet zo’n moeilijke opdracht. Ook gaf de opdrachtgever goed aan wat hij interessant vond en waarover hij meer wilde weten. Wat wel stress opleverde was de bijkomende opdracht voor de lifestylefactory. Hiertoe werden nieuwe projectgroepen ingedeeld doorheen de anderen. Dit was erg vervelend aangezien het zo veel lastiger is om vergaderingen en afspraken te plannen. Mijn groep zal tijdens de volgende sector, human movement, het evenement Parents meet ILS gaan vormgeven en uitvoeren .

Sector Living

De periode Living was verruit de meest drukke periode. Tijdens de periode moest er namelijk een trendrapport, concept en plan van uitvoer worden gemaakt. Dit zorgde voor de nodige stress en gebrek aan overzicht. Tijdens de periode was er aandacht voor creatief denken om zo tot een concept te komen. Hiertoe was Creative Paradise georganiseerd, een brainstormdag met de projectgroep. Uit deze dag kwamen de eerste ideeën voor het uiteindelijke concept, The Hill. Met The Hill hebben we een concept neergezet voor de buitenruimte van de school. Het karakter ervan paste erg goed bij de opdrachtgever ACI en veel docenten waren erg enthousiast over de uitstraling. Tijdens Living was er aandacht voor de invloed van de omgeving op mensen en ook letterlijke zaken als kleur en vormgeving.

Sector Appearance

In deze periode stond het organiseren van de Appearance Experience op het programma. De theorie van het organiseren hadden we ons reeds bij Leisure eigen gemaakt. Hierdoor was het gemakkelijker om een echt evenement te organiseren. Het doel van de Appearance Experience was het trekken van gasten naar de opleiding met je eigen concept. Het concept dat ontwikkeld werd, moest voldoen aan verschillende criteria. Zo moest het passen bij een bepaalde groep (te verstaan coole mannen, coole vrouwen) en het thema appearance in zich hebben. Uiteindelijk kwamen we met Men’s Glory, een wilden we geld inzamelen door verkoop van goodiebags. Dit is gelukt en we hebben een flink bedrag over mogen maken aan de brandwondenstichting (ter verbetering van appearance van mensen die het echt nodig hebben).


What to wea(the)r

What it is is an application that tells you not only what the weather is, but also how to dress for it. By giving an example for an outfit, you an adjust your clothing to the weather. Also you can buy the clothes in the outfit directly because all pieces are connected to a webshop. The good things about it is that you don't have to buy, it's just an option. You can also choose just take some garments you have that are alike to the ones in the picture.

What to Wear iPhone iPod touch kleding app

Why it is cool, is because it can be really helpfull for desperate women all over the world. Also the fact you can buy but don't have to is great. Just copying the example can be enough and help you have less stress int he morning. Maybe in the future this is the way we'll dress, eat, go out and everything else, just by asking how to do it.


What it is, is a new health religion, let's call is rawism. People all over the world have been coocking or baking their food for ages, but change is comming. Thinking maybe food are not supposed to be cooked or baked, the raw food movement has started and now has even their restaurants where everything's raw. This way a whole new way of preparing food has come. An example of an intiative of rawism are Nourish restaurant in Amsterdam, which only serves things that have not been changed from the way they're naturally.

Why it's cool is because the world of food hasn't changed this much for a long time. New thinking makes new ideas and change. Being so restless, the world likes change. Also these things can really help world sized initiatives like sustainability. By preparing the foods with only hands and knives, you don't have to use up energy and it's healty for those who eat it too!

Healthy all your life

What it is, is an application for iPhone you can use to improve your health. The application comes in seven forms, each created for a particular group of people. These groups are healthy pregnant, healthy baby, healthy child, healthy teenager, healthy adolescent and healthy grown-up. When belonging to one of the groups (par example, you have a baby, you take the healthy baby app), you get updates on news in the world of health for your group. This way you don't have to filter, that's already been done for you by the app.


Why it's cool, is because I think today people don't really have the time to look all over healthsites to look up things about their condition. They want information fast, but still good quality. Everybody's interested in the group they're related to so I think in the future this could be a nice system for other kinds of information too.

Run with friends

What it is, is an application for iPhone you can use to improve your health. This app is based on the trend sharing, which is about people wanting to include others into their lives in  a new way (for example on the internet). With Run with friends you can include your friends by setting a goal for you and the other person to reacht (like running a mile). Others can also set a goal and include you on Facebook.
Why it is cool, is because this way you can get motivated by those close to you, and still do the actual running alone. For some, doing sports together is horrible, this way you can have both. You're not lonely but you can still do your individual sport.

Something's changing

What it is?
Change is everywhere, some changes can happen in a day, an hour or even a minute. Other changes can take years to develop and spread in society. An example of souch a change is de attitude towards work. More and more people decide they won't have just one job but create their own individual way of earning money (or another reward) as they go and find out new things they like to do. This new way of work has grown out of new created jobs like blogging, some bloggers combinate their writing with other interests which eventually get back to the blog. Someone working like that is American blogger Bethany Struble (www.outofabook.blogspot.com) who is a stylist, artist, singer/songwriter and to quote 'anything else she wants to be'.

Why it is cool?
This development is really cool because I think it's time for it. Lots of people don't want to choose between work and like to do lots of things. And why should they? By creating your own jobs that's right for you, you are a unique professional and anno 2012 that's our biggest wish after all. It's the time of going your own way and creating new things out of nothing. Also by having your own combination of things you do, networking can continue to be usefull for professionals to create together.

Grill it

What it is, is something showing us how lazy we are getting these days. This product shows us how to get a sixpack in just a few seconds. The guy in the add sure seems happy with it, but wouldn't you be a bit surprised to find out the guy with the abs did get them by sitting with a grill to his belly?

Why it's cool is because this product isn't really a serious thing. I'm sure some guys bought it and used it for fun but it's really a strange thing to do. I'm not sure what happens when it starting to pull back out and you don't want people to see your abs aren't real. Running inside some place private with your grill to come back out sexy again?

Meet Knork

What it is, is a new way of eating that makes it easier for people to take their own forks and knives worked into one! Let's call it the Knork. So how does this Knork work? The main part looks like a normal fork, but with the wheel on it, you can cut of like you are using a knive. So, have you ever thrown a dinnerparty with worries there wasn't enough of forks and knives for everybody to use? Those problems are belonging to the past now.

Why it's cool is because these days people don't really want to carry lots of things around, but do want to feel comfortable. By using this Knork, they can have both. Your bag is not getting any heavier than it needs to be, but you still have your own essentials when you need them.


As if you were at home

What it is, is a restaurant in Amsterdam called Basis (dutch for basic). When I say restaurant I realize it's not quiet right, as they're not serving anything you can eat. Basis is a setting where you can take your own food to and eat there. The restaurant ownes the furniture and forks, knives, spoons anything you might need to eat. Also you can use a micro-wave or oven. After eating, you go home, they do the dishes, you've eating your own choice of food and more importantly: you have payed a normal meal you would eat normally so going out dining is not as expansive as it usually is.

Why it is cool, do I have to explain? It's a place to eat with friends/family while being out and you can choose to eat whatever you want. Also, after dinner you don't have this massive dishes to do! It's affortable and personal and that's what most restaurants lack.


Loose weight, win money

What it is, is loosing weight in a fun way. A while ago, as he was lunching with some friends, Michael Paolini realized that he had gained some weight. His friends had the same problem and they decided althogether to lose some pounds. Being great fans of the Honda Hybride (a car that adjusts to the driver and feels whenever something is changing in the way of driving) they came up with the idea of making a fun system to lose weight. The Honda Hybride has a meter that shows direct consequences when something changes in the drivers behavior. All friends agreed this was something great and also something that people who diet miss along the way. They used that insight to create a system that judges eating habits. For example, when you eat a salad you earn 0,50 p, but when eating something not quiet so healthy, you'd earn nothing or even loose money. Paolini has made this way of dieting into an app so more people can succeed in their weight loss plans.

Why it is cool, is because loosing weight is no fun. At all. Millions of people strugle with it every day and things like this can really change that. Making it into a game also makes it easier to discuss weight problems with friends and family and make it less taboo to talk about. I think this is the way we're going to see health coaching in the future. It makes people realize they're not living healthy and at the same time it entertains them and encourage them to 'loose it together' with friends and family.


Feedback the world

What it is, is a great new way of charity accessible for anyone! Feedback is a site against hunger in the world. Using social networks, the site claims this is the future of charity. I tried just tried myself and I can say it's no more than 2 minutes of work and you've done good so you can be proud of yourself. What you do is signing in with eiter Facebook or Twitter, after that you can make an account and start the good work. First, you type in your favorate dish along with the cost, then the site calculates how many hungry people this sum would save. You can than click to donate that amount or multiply it before you do so.

Why it's cool is because it feels very personal, it's not just a sum of money you donate, it really has a meaning to you. Also, you don't have to be rich to donate, I'm a student and not very fortunated at the moment. Still I can at least donate some money without becoming a hungry person myself. I think it's true this is the new way of charity because it's easy and possible for anyone. The connection with social media also makes it worth it because you're kept in touch with the site and your friends can see you're a generous person on your Facebook page. This way, other people read about it without the site having to do any promotion.

More information at www.wefeedback.com


Sector Leisure

Bij Leisure stond de kerntaak concept ontwikkelen centraal. Voor opdrachtgever Corpus hebben we een conceptversterking gedaan. Hierbij was de aansluiting een grote pre doordat we het bedrijf goed hadden bekeken (analyseren) en ons concept hadden gebaseerd op dezelfde waarden, hetgeen de bedoeling was (resultaatgericht handelen). De uitkomst hiervan was erg goed, de opdrachtgever vond de drugs-experience een erg goed idee en was tevreden. Daarnaast kregen we deze periode les in goede en minder goede concepten. In de lessen was er aandacht voor het organiseren van evenementen en de ontwikkeling van de vrijetijdssector.


-Things- Ronia the robber's daughter

What is it? When I was little, I remember loving this Swedish film about a little girl living in a cave and having all these adventures. For years I wondered what that film was called, and then I remembered! Ronia the robber's daughter. As I went searching for it on the internet I found this great website selling women's appearal inspired by the story and look.
Why is it cool? I think now that there's so much choises in clothing, it's nice to have something with a story around it. The clothes look both beautiful and comfortable and have some edge to it. Also, if you know the story like I did, it's extra cool to have something related to a good memory.
Check it out here: http://http://www.studioruig.com/

-Things- Back to the roots

What is it? In this time of crisis, most people are watching their wallet more then before. In short: before we were taking for the sky, now we're glad to be safely on the ground. This is not news. What is? Well, since it's all done with living the good life and expansive holidays to hotels all over the world, we might as well get back to the way we used to spend a holiday: in a little caravan on the beach or any place nice and cheap. To meet this tendence, caravanshops pop up everywhere and (a little different then before) not only in real, also on the internet. A nice touch to it is that all trailers are designed to be as sustainable as possible and are still fully equipped.
Why is it cool? I think this tendence meets with the need to authentic and nostalgic products and it's modern at the same time (because of things like the customize possibility, the fact you can rent a caravan over the internet and the attention for sustainability). I think people (although their wallet gets smaller now) are always looking for fun things and new experiences. This type of holiday just has it all.


Sector Health


In het blok Health stond het onderdeel trendrapport op het programma. De opdracht was het afleveren van drie trends voor opdrachtgever Psychologen Vught. Omdat dit het eerste blok was, was het soms nog lastig om in te schatten wat er precies verwacht werd van een lifestyle professional (professioneel handelen). Uiteindelijk werden we uitgekozen als zijnde de winnaar met het beste trendrapport voor de opdrachtgever. Tijdens de periode heb ik echt geleerd samen te werken, iets dat ik voorheen nooit veel heb gedaan. Je leert dat samenwerking zijn positieve, maar ook negatieve kanten heeft. Je kunt elkaar aanvullen, maar ook mee naar beneden trekken.


Random act of kindness

´Need help with that?' I turned my head around and looked into the face of a helpfull stranger. A bit surprised I handed him the bottle I had been struggling with for a while and stumbled 'Yes please.' With great ease he opened the bottle and gave it back to me. I thanked him and smiled.


Spring 2012

I like to see myself as a creative person, as I like to make things exactly the way I want it. Lately I haven't had much time to create, since I've started studying again the biggest part of my time's going into that. But as the next holiday is coming up, I've decided to inspire myself and write down some ideas I've had for a while. I'm not quiet a fan of multinationals like H&M as they cause big groups of people looking the same, but if I have to choose one, I'd take Zara Studio, as they occasionally have really cool things. So to get inspired, I've look through their current collection and selected the things I like.

I like this pullover because its fabric (which is look-through) and its shape. I'd wear it over a bikini at the beach or with leather shorts shorts and wedges (but certainly not the ones in the picture).
These wedges are my dream as they're comfortable and very feminin. I also like the color -I've lots of clothes that would match them perfectly.
These boots I'd wear if it gets a little colder, just with a white leather pants and white see through blouse.

I love these tops because of their simple elegance, I'd wear them with a pretty skirt or a bikini. I think a wide pants would look amazing under them.
This top I'd use as a kaftan on the beach, or wear a black skirt under it to make it a little dress.

I think this blouse is really cool because of the gold colar.
This is a bag from the men's departement. I think it would be very comfortable as it's big enough for all my stuff. It's also very simple and that makes it great for both men and women.
These shoes are my absolute must-have for the spring, they're comfortable and classic and I'm probably going to live in them for the rest of my life.
This fringe bag is going to replace my black one for the summer. I've loved fringes for so long now I'm sure it's worth the money.

This men's jeans jacket I would wear with a simple white blouse and a wide pants. I think men's jackets have a nice cut and are way more beautiful than womens jackets.
This scarf is also from the men's departement and would look great on my neck, wrapped around my bag or anywhere.
I'm not sure yet about this dress, I'm going to have to try it on before I decides if it's beautiful.
This men's leather jacket I'd wear over a silk dress.
These jeans just because my favorate jeans is on it's way to death.
These leather pants I still need -I haven't found the perfect pair yet.
This skirt's my favorate because I love fringes and it has some rock over it.
This clutch to casually wear with me all the time.
...and this one too. (Well not at the same time ofcourse)