What it is, is a new health religion, let's call is rawism. People all over the world have been coocking or baking their food for ages, but change is comming. Thinking maybe food are not supposed to be cooked or baked, the raw food movement has started and now has even their restaurants where everything's raw. This way a whole new way of preparing food has come. An example of an intiative of rawism are Nourish restaurant in Amsterdam, which only serves things that have not been changed from the way they're naturally.

Why it's cool is because the world of food hasn't changed this much for a long time. New thinking makes new ideas and change. Being so restless, the world likes change. Also these things can really help world sized initiatives like sustainability. By preparing the foods with only hands and knives, you don't have to use up energy and it's healty for those who eat it too!

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