Something's changing

What it is?
Change is everywhere, some changes can happen in a day, an hour or even a minute. Other changes can take years to develop and spread in society. An example of souch a change is de attitude towards work. More and more people decide they won't have just one job but create their own individual way of earning money (or another reward) as they go and find out new things they like to do. This new way of work has grown out of new created jobs like blogging, some bloggers combinate their writing with other interests which eventually get back to the blog. Someone working like that is American blogger Bethany Struble (www.outofabook.blogspot.com) who is a stylist, artist, singer/songwriter and to quote 'anything else she wants to be'.

Why it is cool?
This development is really cool because I think it's time for it. Lots of people don't want to choose between work and like to do lots of things. And why should they? By creating your own jobs that's right for you, you are a unique professional and anno 2012 that's our biggest wish after all. It's the time of going your own way and creating new things out of nothing. Also by having your own combination of things you do, networking can continue to be usefull for professionals to create together.

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