Sector Leisure

Bij Leisure stond de kerntaak concept ontwikkelen centraal. Voor opdrachtgever Corpus hebben we een conceptversterking gedaan. Hierbij was de aansluiting een grote pre doordat we het bedrijf goed hadden bekeken (analyseren) en ons concept hadden gebaseerd op dezelfde waarden, hetgeen de bedoeling was (resultaatgericht handelen). De uitkomst hiervan was erg goed, de opdrachtgever vond de drugs-experience een erg goed idee en was tevreden. Daarnaast kregen we deze periode les in goede en minder goede concepten. In de lessen was er aandacht voor het organiseren van evenementen en de ontwikkeling van de vrijetijdssector.


-Things- Ronia the robber's daughter

What is it? When I was little, I remember loving this Swedish film about a little girl living in a cave and having all these adventures. For years I wondered what that film was called, and then I remembered! Ronia the robber's daughter. As I went searching for it on the internet I found this great website selling women's appearal inspired by the story and look.
Why is it cool? I think now that there's so much choises in clothing, it's nice to have something with a story around it. The clothes look both beautiful and comfortable and have some edge to it. Also, if you know the story like I did, it's extra cool to have something related to a good memory.
Check it out here: http://http://www.studioruig.com/

-Things- Back to the roots

What is it? In this time of crisis, most people are watching their wallet more then before. In short: before we were taking for the sky, now we're glad to be safely on the ground. This is not news. What is? Well, since it's all done with living the good life and expansive holidays to hotels all over the world, we might as well get back to the way we used to spend a holiday: in a little caravan on the beach or any place nice and cheap. To meet this tendence, caravanshops pop up everywhere and (a little different then before) not only in real, also on the internet. A nice touch to it is that all trailers are designed to be as sustainable as possible and are still fully equipped.
Why is it cool? I think this tendence meets with the need to authentic and nostalgic products and it's modern at the same time (because of things like the customize possibility, the fact you can rent a caravan over the internet and the attention for sustainability). I think people (although their wallet gets smaller now) are always looking for fun things and new experiences. This type of holiday just has it all.


Sector Health


In het blok Health stond het onderdeel trendrapport op het programma. De opdracht was het afleveren van drie trends voor opdrachtgever Psychologen Vught. Omdat dit het eerste blok was, was het soms nog lastig om in te schatten wat er precies verwacht werd van een lifestyle professional (professioneel handelen). Uiteindelijk werden we uitgekozen als zijnde de winnaar met het beste trendrapport voor de opdrachtgever. Tijdens de periode heb ik echt geleerd samen te werken, iets dat ik voorheen nooit veel heb gedaan. Je leert dat samenwerking zijn positieve, maar ook negatieve kanten heeft. Je kunt elkaar aanvullen, maar ook mee naar beneden trekken.


Random act of kindness

´Need help with that?' I turned my head around and looked into the face of a helpfull stranger. A bit surprised I handed him the bottle I had been struggling with for a while and stumbled 'Yes please.' With great ease he opened the bottle and gave it back to me. I thanked him and smiled.


Spring 2012

I like to see myself as a creative person, as I like to make things exactly the way I want it. Lately I haven't had much time to create, since I've started studying again the biggest part of my time's going into that. But as the next holiday is coming up, I've decided to inspire myself and write down some ideas I've had for a while. I'm not quiet a fan of multinationals like H&M as they cause big groups of people looking the same, but if I have to choose one, I'd take Zara Studio, as they occasionally have really cool things. So to get inspired, I've look through their current collection and selected the things I like.

I like this pullover because its fabric (which is look-through) and its shape. I'd wear it over a bikini at the beach or with leather shorts shorts and wedges (but certainly not the ones in the picture).
These wedges are my dream as they're comfortable and very feminin. I also like the color -I've lots of clothes that would match them perfectly.
These boots I'd wear if it gets a little colder, just with a white leather pants and white see through blouse.

I love these tops because of their simple elegance, I'd wear them with a pretty skirt or a bikini. I think a wide pants would look amazing under them.
This top I'd use as a kaftan on the beach, or wear a black skirt under it to make it a little dress.

I think this blouse is really cool because of the gold colar.
This is a bag from the men's departement. I think it would be very comfortable as it's big enough for all my stuff. It's also very simple and that makes it great for both men and women.
These shoes are my absolute must-have for the spring, they're comfortable and classic and I'm probably going to live in them for the rest of my life.
This fringe bag is going to replace my black one for the summer. I've loved fringes for so long now I'm sure it's worth the money.

This men's jeans jacket I would wear with a simple white blouse and a wide pants. I think men's jackets have a nice cut and are way more beautiful than womens jackets.
This scarf is also from the men's departement and would look great on my neck, wrapped around my bag or anywhere.
I'm not sure yet about this dress, I'm going to have to try it on before I decides if it's beautiful.
This men's leather jacket I'd wear over a silk dress.
These jeans just because my favorate jeans is on it's way to death.
These leather pants I still need -I haven't found the perfect pair yet.
This skirt's my favorate because I love fringes and it has some rock over it.
This clutch to casually wear with me all the time.
...and this one too. (Well not at the same time ofcourse)